The Collection - Jay Garces

Wave Watching

Some days this spot is perfect for watching the sunrise, and on other days it's perfect for watching the waves crash into the rocks. Today was both.

This was more of a technical exercise for me. I really wanted to find a way to incorporate flash so that I wouldn't just be a siloutte, but I also wanted the water movement on the right side, and the sunrise. To top it off, I decided to trigger this shot remotely using the smart remote app on my Sony a7ii - which allowed me to touch to focus on the iphone, adjust the shutter to bring that ambient light down...etc...etc...etc.

When I was done, I decided to create some videos for my instagram story...which is when the ocean decided to teach me a lesson for standing too close to the water, and not paying attention. Fortunately, all I got was a good soaking, and all my water fearing gear was safe.

Gear: There's too much to list.

Location: Oahu, Hawaii


From Awakening Hawaii